Welcome y’all !

This site was made to serve as a guide for the D-day to come and for our own pleasure: our presentations and some of special guests, mayor, reception room, access and housing, all is there!

We will be happy to honor each of you who will attend to share moments of conviviality between family and friends.



By himself: Mischievous and easy going, I love laughing and having fun! Discreet, I like simplicity but can’t help myself being perfectionist even maniac sometimes (thankfully Alex is there to put me in the right way), I enjoy challenges and endeavor to achieve them.

By Alexandra: “He is wonderful in every way and I love him for everything he is : sincere, generous, teasing, joker and so on!

He’s my Man who makes me melt with his innocent child eyes when playing his video games, leave me in awe with his determined look at work and amaze me with his intelligence in any situation.

I can’t thank him enough for being so attentive and understanding towards me.



By herself: Carefree, generous, simple, kind, what else? Some friends tell that I’m – I quote – naive, positive and optimistic (I deliberately practice censoring my flaws since it is our site hihi!)

By Fabien: “How lucky to have met Alex (and lucky me to be her type) … a big heart of, an incomparable kindness, always there to advise me, encourage me, make me laugh (sometimes despite her because of her french mistakes ^^).

Puns specialist, excellent cook, indispensable partner for our Resident Evil 5 sessions, smart and cultivated, she’s the best audience to my jokes.

Time passes and makes us more accomplices each day so I can not imagine my life without her!

Story telling

March 2005

The meeting

Last minute birthday … A first missed hello…A plate of fried rice eaten in few seconds between two exchanged words … A battle of snowballs full of complicity … him, bundled up in his sleeping bag zipped up to the neck … her, wrapped in her coat … then some nocturnal confidences to seal the day.

These are the few bits of memories of this Saturday, March 4, 2005 … and we still here after all these years, not as happy as the first day but happier than ever today.

«Thanks to our two common friends for making this happen ! We are grateful for this happiness bring in our lives.»

September 2014

The proposal

Mallorca – September 24, 2014: The weather is playing on us that day by raining continuously on the island. Too bad for sunbathing or enjoying the beach but really perfect for a private spa session. After drinking cocktails at the pool, it’s time for a small talk.

Her (deep inside) – Hmmm why he’s so wet eyes all of a sudden?

Him (getting something out of his back …) – Will you marry me?

Her (amazed) – Are you serious? Is this a hidden camera? Your parents will come out by surprise from behind the door …

Him (stunned by the reaction) – Yes I am serious and no my parents are not aware of all this.

Her (circumspect) – But you’re not serious?

Him (somewhat desperate) – Yes I promise!

Her (finally!) – So yeeeesss!

The Wedding

See you Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 2.30 pm to celebrate the opening of our family book and sign some official autographs at City Hall in Champs Sur Marne (1 rue de la Mairie, 77420 Champs-Sur-Marne).

mairie-champs     plan_parking

Maybe you get a little bit hungry, thirsty, or can’t wait taking some photos with or without us ?

Be patient because then we will ride quietly through the Seine-et-Marne country roads to reach our reception place at Crouy-sur-Ourcq, which is about 50 minutes from City Hall.


Ourcadia, domaine de Bellevue

Avenue de Coulombs 77840 Crouy-Sur-Ourcq

Once we get there, there will be snacks and drinks followed by a Buddhist blessing and a secular ceremony.

The dinner will be held at 7.30pm in simplicity.

After that, get ready for fiesta time until the end of the night for the ones can handle it.

Would you like spending extra time with us ? We may think to organize the day after with a breakfast depending on the number of participants.

Interested? Please let us know in the RSVP section.

City Hall
Cocktail hour
Wedding Cake
Dancing begins

icon-bridemaids  BEST MEN


Cédric Mirault

He’s my brother, I know I can count on him in any situation. Just like Alex, I feel he never ages (you may say that you do but you keep your young face!).

I can remember the bed slats broken due to many jumpings when we were young (sorry Dad!), now we are older but you’re still the same and you are my model of success in every way.

I’m really proud to be your brother ;)


Florent Capon

I know Flo for over 7 years, and we got along very quickly.

Careful, attentive but also outstanding imitator of scotch, he’s a huge fan of Vin Diesel (no the Riddick films are not so great as what you claim … but I agree for the Fast & Furious serie, can’t wait for the next episode!).

It’s really someone who I can rely on to.

icon-bridemaids GROOMSMEN


Laurent Gabarre

So much to say about Lolo…

Whether during endless nights of work, gaming days or movie releases, he’s the good person to always have fun with!

His kindness and communicative good humor make Lolo an essential person around me.


Franck Guidoux


So many good memories spent together, whether on holidays (I can only think back of “Le Croisic” and all the parties…) or even directly at his home (I hope you have progressed to PES since the last time I have beaten you!) .

It was obvious for me to add Franck to the list of important people of this day ;)




Malina Phahongchanh

My “bichi bichi” my “bello bello”, we’ve always been so close and accomplices and she is definitely, besides Fabien, my ray of light, my source of joy and well-being in life.

Excellent cook (pastry specialist, she makes a tiramisu that knocks out any italiano), gourmand (that goes with it! Beware she can sulk if a meal does not please her), outgoing, sociable and very funny (her funny faces are awesome).

My sister is taller than me but she’ll always be my little one that I will take care of all my life.


Somsanouk Davong

Koune, my crazy older brother who used to tease us all the time when we were young Nina and I (but also our friends who had never asked for anything …)

I remember me having hidden in his closet to spy on him with his friends, having pursued him with a tennis racket or having sprayed his room with air freshener.

He was the one who put in into Resident Ivaiiiii, my favorite video game. He’s not that expansive with words but he has a good heart and makes me laugh with his offbeat humor.



Souksamane Nith

Demoiselle d'honneur
My sister at heart. We’ve been knowing each other for 18 years, united by our common passion for Worlds Apart!

Such great memories: our dance rehearsals, birthday parties and special gossip or board games of all kinds on Friday night.

My Souki is open-handed, sensitive, motherly and always ready for karaoke.


Amélie Meng

Demoiselle d'honneur
This is the stunt girl of the group. I knew her before she knew me because I followed her adventures in the manga I’s!

She would never say a word about this part of her career so hush hush it’s a secret!

She has that legendary clumsiness (this made her charms), she’s so dynamic and has an impressive stomach compared to her height.



We consider ourselves very lucky and feel already happy in every way.

So we just hope that most of you will be able to attend and enjoy spending the day with us.

If you’re aiming to give us a gift, a contribution in our magic box for the honeymoon will be enough.

Thank you all!


  • City Hall
  • Reception
  • Hotel
  • Airport