The most complete application about SFV

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You can find many informations for each character into this application.

General Informations

The application contains basic but very useful informations like health, stun or W-Ultra ratio.


You can see hitboxes for each character for any move directly in the application.

Moves speed

Each character has different moves speed. You can find all these informations in the application (jumps, dash, etc...).


Each character has his own story in the game.

Moves list

The application displays moves for each character, whether they have an EX version or if they are Armor Break.

Frame Data

Startup frames, active frames, recovery frames, damage or stun, you cand find all of these informations inside the application!

The most complete application

Street Fighter V Database has into a single application a huge amount of data per character but also about the game itself.

  • Detailed character
  • Comparison between fighters to determine the weaknesses of opponent's attack
  • Many complemntary informations for beginners and experienced players

Made for all

The application includes few additional sections to help you learning the game.


For new players, a section "Mechanics" give the basic rules of Ultra Street Fighter IV.


You can select every character as favorite to find them quickly later!


You feel lost in front of the technical terms of this game? Do not panic! The glossary is here to help you understanding each useful expression.


Here are some screenshots of the application.

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