Texas Hold'Em Odds

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Texas Hold'Em Odds

The Texas Hold'Em Odds calculator application


The application allows you to enter any given situation on the table in a poker game, and see the probability of winning.


Intuitive ergonomics: a tap on a card allows the selection, the odds calculations are automatically made ​​when a correct combination is on the board.


All the graphics are customizable to a result that looks like you!

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This application is for post-game analysis of a Texas Hold'em game.

Calculates odds for up to 10 players

The probabilities are calculated at various steps: Pré-Flop / Flop / Turn and River.

Shows Win and Tie percentages

The application allows to fold players easily, which is used in the calculation of probabilities as dead cards.


The application is meant to be as intuitive as possible: ergonomics was thought to show the essential elements on the screen only.

Multi Devices

The application is compatible with iPhone and iPad: you just have to buy the application once to enjoy it on your smartphone or on your tablet as well.


You can share on Facebook or Twitter a replayed hand with a screenshot, so don't hesitate to tag the friends you've just beaten!

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There are many backgrounds in the application: you can select the one that matches with your mood.

Back Cards

A large choice of back has been added so that everyone can get a unique combination!



4 color tables are also integrated to get the result of your choice.

Face Cards

4 card faces are in the application.
You have also the face color option: 2 colors (red and black) or 4 colors (red / black / green and blue).